What are the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum composite panel curtain wall and aluminum veneer curtain wall?

by:Zeyi     2021-10-09
Aluminum-plastic curtain wall He said: At present, some public buildings mainly use aluminum-plastic panels. Due to the safety of composite aluminum panels (aluminum-plastic panels) as the decoration of high-rise building curtain walls, composite aluminum panels (aluminum-plastic panels) have become the latest hot topic in the industry since its birth. Many people believe that composite aluminum panels (aluminum-plastic panels) curtain walls should be used sparingly or with caution. High-rise buildings use composite aluminum panels (that is, aluminum-plastic panels) as curtain walls, which will become air killers or invisible killers, lurking huge dangers. There are four shortcomings: 1. The lightning protection device is generally shared with the main body of the building during the installation process. The composite aluminum plate core material and fasteners are inferior conductive materials, and the current cannot pass through quickly and is vulnerable to high-voltage lightning. 2. The structure of the composite aluminum plate is generally three layers, and the outer side is a 0.1-03 thick aluminum layer. The middle and low pressure polyethylene (high-density polyethylene) and other polymer materials are mainly used for the middle and low pressure polyethylene (high-density polyethylene), combined with vinegar glue, and the core material There are toxic ingredients in the rubber, and it has poor fire resistance, weather resistance, durability, and aging resistance. Toxic gases harmful to human health can be released at burning or high temperatures, or even under the sun. The fire incident on CCTV has aggravated people's concerns about the fire resistance of aluminum-plastic panels. Third, due to the strength of the material itself, the wind pressure resistance is not high. At present, high-rise buildings in developed countries rarely use composite aluminum panels as curtain walls, but instead use single-layer aluminum panels (aluminum panels) with higher safety and reliability. 4. The strength of composite materials is not high, and the curved corners are easy to break. When local heating causes the aluminum plate to deform and fall off, the core material will expand, and its thermal expansion coefficient is generally greater than that of the keel and the building. It often bulges, which loses its effect and affects its appearance; Plastic sheet has few specifications, large waste and high cost. Aluminum-plastic panels need to be processed into a certain size and then installed on site, so the construction is troublesome and inconvenient. It is not easy for owners to set their own colors, they can only choose which colors on the market. There is no recycling value. The advantages are: The advantages of composite aluminum panels (aluminum-plastic panels) are light weight, moderate steel, and low cost. The advantages of aluminum curtain wall (metal curtain wall) are as follows: The smooth and pollution-free roller coating is a kind of compressed printing coating. The entire coating film and surface are non-granular, non-porous, and pollutants cannot penetrate the surface. Surface dust and rain water can be cleaned. The high-strength aluminum base plate adopts the 3003H24 series, and uses high-quality rust-proof aluminum-manganese alloy sheet as the raw material. It has high strength and can ensure the wind resistance, impact resistance, leakage prevention and impact resistance of the curtain wall. The flame-retardant aluminum curtain wall is made of all aluminum panels and PVDF coatings, which has unparalleled advantages compared with aluminum-plastic panels. The weight of the lightweight aluminum curtain wall is only 1/10 of the glass curtain wall and 1/20 of the stone curtain wall. The aluminum plate with good formability can be bent, punched, rolled, and other forming methods, so that the product can be formed into a variety of geometric shapes, meeting the special requirements of architecture and modeling to the greatest extent, and fully embodying the designer's design concept. The high content of KYNAR500 resin in the corrosion-resistant surface PVDF can effectively resist acid rain, air pollution and ultraviolet rays, thereby preventing discoloration and shedding. There is no light pollution caused by the fluorocarbon coating matte surface (glossiness is about 35), so diffuse reflection will not cause light pollution, which has a greater advantage than glass curtain walls. Due to the special molecular structure of KYNAR500 in the fluorocarbon coating, the surface dust cannot be attached at all, so it has a strong self-cleaning degree. The film thickness error of the color difference sprayed aluminum veneer is generally about 7 microns (one of the factors that cause color difference), but the world's most advanced zero-color difference roller coating technology is used, and the film thickness error is less than 0.5 microns, and the coating quality is fully up to the imported aluminum plate Level. If the area of u200bu200bthe aluminum plate is large, plate shape problems may occur. In order to better solve this problem, our company guarantees to customers to add a steel bar in 1 square meter (that is, every 500 to 800 mm of reinforcement). Aluminum plate welding will deform when heated. Our company adopts the production process of no surface welding, which guarantees the smoothness of aluminum plate better than other manufacturers.
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