What are the advantages and production steps of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows?

by:Zeyi     2021-11-11
What are the advantages of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows? 1. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have the characteristics of high strength and light materials. The overall quality is lighter, the device is more convenient, and the pulley is very light; 2. The corrosion resistance and corrosion function are good, and the wooden doors and windows and steel doors and windows are easy to be in a humid environment. The appearance of 5 film peeling, corruption or corrosion is far inferior to the corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows; 3. Good airtightness. Compared with individual wooden doors and windows and steel doors and windows, the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are airtight and watertight. Both performance and sound insulation are much better than individual doors and windows. Steps for manufacturing broken aluminum doors and windows: Step 1: Prepare information. You must know the specifications of your own house windows, and then prepare the corresponding models of aluminum alloy, glass, glass sealant, door and window accessories. Next are the necessary tools: portable electric saws, portable electric drills, small bench drills, electric drills, pneumatic single-head media machines, punching machines, copy milling machines, fan cutting machines, hydraulic angle collision machines, drilling and milling machines, etc. . Step 2: Operation. Each procedure should be carried out in strict accordance with national standards and process drawing requests. First, check the quality of each data according to the data request of the design drawing to see if there are obvious dents, marks, demoulds, and distortion on the end surface. scene. Then scribing and cutting according to the size indicated in the process drawing, followed by stamping, milling and drilling, and then the semi-finished product may be assembled. Step 3: Packing. After the semi-finished products are assembled and passed the examination, they are cleaned up, and the product may be packaged after being stamped with the product certificate. The above is to share with you how to manufacture doors and windows, and the manufacturing steps of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
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