What are the advantages of aluminum frames?

by:Zeyi     2021-06-23
Nowadays, all kinds of advertising frames are becoming more and more common, and the types and materials of advertising frames are also endless. Take the outer frame of the advertising frame, there are many kinds of materials to choose from, but why most of the frames use aluminum alloy frames? The outdoor aluminum alloy advertising frame conveys publicity information through the panel, which is exquisite in appearance and easy to attract attention. In addition, the aluminum alloy shell has many advantages, such as high specific strength, specific modulus, fracture toughness, fatigue strength and corrosion resistance stability, as well as low density, non-magnetic, good air tightness, etc. Features. When the aluminum alloy surface is in contact with air, a thin and strong oxide layer is formed immediately, which can withstand various forms of corrosion. In most environmental conditions, including air, water and many chemical systems, aluminum can show excellent corrosion resistance. The surface of aluminum is highly reflective, and radiant energy, visible light, radiant heat and electric waves can be effectively reflected by aluminum, while the surface of silver white anodized and dark anodized can be reflective or absorptive , Polished aluminum has excellent reflectivity in a wide range of wavelengths, so the machinability of aluminum for various decorative purposes is excellent. In various deformed aluminum alloys and cast aluminum alloys, and in these alloys In the subsequent states, the processing characteristics have changed considerably. Aluminum has extremely high recyclability. The characteristics of recycled aluminum are almost the same as primary aluminum, and the cost of recycling is low. This is particularly important today in the pursuit of environmental protection. The aluminum frame is a widely used one, because the aluminum frame has simple processing technology, light weight, strong corrosion resistance, strong firmness, strong tensile strength, high metal fatigue value, elastic modulus, and relatively high rigidity. The surface will not be oxidized if scratched in time, and its performance will not be affected. The life of the aluminum alloy frame can reach 30-50 years.
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