What are the advantages of aluminum radiators

by:Zeyi     2021-06-02
Nowadays, many high-power electronic products are using aluminum radiators. Why are so many bosses welcome to search for aluminum radiators? Let’s explain for you. First, the appearance of customized aluminum alloy profiles is light weight and high strength, which can be customized according to The customer’s heat dissipation requirements are extruded into various shapes. 2. Corrosion-resistant aluminum radiator also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, small deformation, strong fire resistance, and the service life can reach 50-100 years. 3. The oxidation-resistant aluminum alloy radiator profile has been processed by various processes, and the surface is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and free from air pollution, and can maintain its inherent color and luster for a long time. : The above is a brief introduction to 'what are the advantages of aluminum radiators'.
What does the European standard of aluminum profile mean?
With the continuous advancement of intelligent industry, customers in many industrial fields are also increasingly favoring aluminum profiles. People's demand for this environmentally friendly and efficient material is also increasing. But when they come into contact with industrial aluminum profile profiles, people find profiles are divided into European standards and national standards. So what does aluminum profile European standards mean? What is the difference between national standard aluminum profiles and European standard industrial aluminum profiles? In fact, European standard aluminum profiles and national standard aluminum profiles are just a general classification in the industry :1. The arcs of the four corners are different: national standard right angle, European standard arc transition; 2. Different groove shape: national standard square slot, European standard trapezoidal groove; 3. Different accessories: national standard special, European standard special; above It is a brief introduction to 'what does the European standard for aluminum profiles mean'. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult. 16 years of experience in custom processing of industrial aluminum profiles, welcome to consult!
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