What are the advantages of aluminum step industrial ladders

by:Zeyi     2021-05-21
The step industrial ladder is made of a special industrial aluminum profile as the frame, and its requirements are made up of free design, cutting and connection of accessories according to the customer's requirements. The tower part uses a non-slip aluminum plate, which can play a good protective role. The bottom uses metal hoofs. For support, the armrest is made of round tube aluminum alloy. Advantage 1: profile material does not contain waste aluminum, advanced extrusion equipment, sophisticated technology, and no extrusion marks. We can design and modify the design plan free of charge according to the needs of customers, and the drawings will be released within 24 hours. Advantage 2: Free on-site measurement, cutting processing, on-site assembly. Free design and fine-cutting of any size on demand. Professional machining for drilling, tapping, assembly and on-site installation. The advantages of the aluminum step industrial ladder are introduced here first. If you have any questions about the industrial step walking system, you can consult!
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