What are the advantages of high-quality aluminum doors and windows?

by:Zeyi     2021-06-01
As a provider of high-quality door and window profiles, now dealers have spread all over the country, and the products are sold at home and abroad. Manufacturing good product quality and brand reputation is the basis for rapid development and growth. Over the years, we have won many honors such as National Supervision and Inspection Quality Assurance Brand, Guangdong Famous Brand Product, Guangdong Famous Trademark, China Well-known Trademark, Standardized Good Behavior Enterprise, Cleaner Production Enterprise, Safety Production Standardization Enterprise, etc. In the future, we will continue to cast with quality Brands, create life with brands, and bring consumers a high-quality enjoyment of life. The advantages of aluminum profiles are as follows: 1. Compared with other commonly used metals, aluminum profiles have low density and light weight. The density is only 2.70 g/cm3, which is 1/3 of copper or iron. There is no need to consider the support required during use. weight.  2. The aluminum profile adopts two processes of heat and cold in the production process, which has strong corrosion resistance.  3. Aluminum profile has good ductility and can be made into light alloy with many metal elements with high quality material.  4. Compared with other metal materials, aluminum profile has strong plasticity and good productivity, which has good advantages for production.   5. Aluminum profiles have good casting properties and can be processed into aluminum profiles of different shapes.  6. u200bu200bGood surface treatment performance and beautiful appearance.   7. Stable chemical properties, non-magnetic, can be recycled and reused, is a benign and recyclable metal material.   8. The coefficient of elasticity is small, no sparks can be caused by collision and friction, and it has the best performance in automotive technology.   9. It has good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, and has outstanding performance in short-distance power transmission.   10. Compared with other metal materials, aluminum profiles have no metal pollution, no toxicity, and no volatile metals on the surface oxide layer. The headquarters of Lidu Aluminum is located at No. 6, Guangzhao Road, Nanjiang Industrial Park, Dasha Town, Sihui City, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, with a total construction area of u200bu200b65,000 square meters, with standardized, large-scale and modern 8S workshops. From door and window profile research and development, sales, market research to service integration, you can order door and window profiles, curtain wall profiles and sun room aluminum. It has many functional advantages such as complete product series, high color versatility, complete product matching, novel products, stable performance, etc. . Resound brand awareness is firmly in the forefront of the market, let us work together to create good results.
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Our mission is to operate the best specialty retail business in domestic, regardless of the product we sell. Because the product we sell is custom aluminium extrusion, our aspirations must be consistent with the promise and the ideals of the volumes which line our manufacture.
So, what's a manufacturer to do? Familiarize ourselves with producing custom aluminium extrusion in various technologies.
Unlike the aluminum window profile manufacturers, the is more flexibly used in accasions where aluminum extrusion rail .
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