What are the advantages of industrial aluminum profile protective fences

by:Zeyi     2021-07-14
The protective fence includes stainless steel fence, iron fence and so on. The material used for the fence is different, and the effect is also different. Here is the industrial aluminum profile profile protective fence. What are the advantages of industrial aluminum profile fences? 1. Aluminum alloy is light: aluminum alloy weighs only one-third of iron, steel, and copper, but its hardness is several times that of them. The use of aluminum alloy profiles as a protective fence is not only easy to handle, but also cheaper to transport. 2. profile has high hardness: the hardness of aluminum profile can resist tensile force and greater impact, and its resistance is better than other traditional construction materials. 3. Corrosion resistance of industrial aluminum profiles: The surface of aluminum alloy is tightly attached to a layer of hard aluminum oxide film, and then surface treatment such as anodization can further enhance its protective performance, so it is extremely corrosive. 4. alloy profiles have a delicate and smooth surface: aluminum alloys have unique advantages and can be applied to a variety of different surface polishing techniques, such as paint, powder coating, anodizing, etc. 5. Safety performance of industrial aluminum alloy profiles: the surface of industrial aluminum profiles has no welding traces, and all of them are installed in combination with accessories. 7. Practicability of aluminum profile guardrail: Anodized to form a permanent protective film, smooth and flat, never rusty, easy to clean, and does not require maintenance. So which industrial aluminum profile profile is good to choose as a protective fence? It is a professional aluminum profile manufacturer, not only for production, aluminum profile deep processing, aluminum profile frame design, customization, and installation have a dedicated team responsible for you. Solve all the problems of aluminum profiles.
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