What are the advantages of industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-08-31
Aluminum profile is also widely used in industry, mainly because of its unique design and rigid frame structure. In order to allow everyone to better use industrial aluminum profiles, then everyone must fully understand the advantages of industrial aluminum profiles, so that they can better select and use aluminum profiles. The    configuration is a strip formed by moving a certain plane geometric figure in parallel in space along a straight line perpendicular to it. Strips made of aluminum and aluminum alloys by hot extrusion or rolling are called industrial aluminum profile profiles. If steel is made by rolling, it is called aluminum profile for steel industry. Advantages of industrial aluminum profile structure 1. Simplify the design process of sketches. Because industrial aluminum profile profile is used, it can be assembled into various structural types according to different needs by applying the principle of building blocks. A series of shortcomings, such as complex structure, numerous parts, and heavy design workload.  2, simplifying the production process  Because the processing procedures of the industrial aluminum profile profile structure only need blanking, punching and few bending, the processing is simple, the assembly is convenient, and the multi-process processing of the iridium structure is avoided, which greatly simplifies the production process. At the same time, it reduces the labor intensity of a large amount of manual operation of sheet metal, which not only improves production efficiency but also facilitates the use of automated production methods.  3. Reduce equipment weight  According to statistics, the electronic instrument chassis adopts the aluminum industrial aluminum profile structure, which is about 60% lighter than the original black metal sheet metal structure.  4. Reduce the number of tools and molds   According to statistics, a desktop metal sheet chassis requires about 40 molds, while the industrial aluminum profile structure only needs 20 sets at most.   5. Save materials.   6. Easy to store and transport.   7. It is conducive to standardization, generalization and serialization.
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