What are the advantages of industrial aluminum? What's the price?

by:Zeyi     2021-05-07
Advantages of industrial aluminum profile profile    1. is ductile, easy to process into products of different shapes, adapt to different changing connection processes, and provide a reasonable cross-sectional form for the machined structure.  2. The density of industrial aluminum profile is small, and the density of aluminum profile is small, which is very beneficial to the light weight of the product, which can save handling and processing costs, and effectively reduce engineering costs.  3. is light in weight. The weight of aluminum products is only 1/3 of steel, and the strength can exceed steel structure products.  4. is corrosion-resistant, and aluminum is corrosion-resistant, which greatly increases the recycling rate of aluminum products.  5. The industrial aluminum has high bearing capacity, and it can be combined with the overall formwork with complex appearance and different specifications according to the needs of the design, so as to effectively realize the industrialized and efficient assembly construction.   prices    prices are not only affected by the price of aluminum ingots, but also affected by processing costs. Living costs have increased, and processing costs are actually increasing imperceptibly, so aluminum profiles are facing tremendous pressure.
Collectively, the effect of custom aluminium extrusion on industrial society has been to eliminate aluminum extrusion rail and drastically reduce the time long associated with aluminum window profile manufacturers.
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