What are the advantages of using aluminum profiles in bus shelters?

by:Zeyi     2021-09-20
Machinery manufacturing materials include aluminum profiles, stainless steel, iron and other materials. Because aluminum profiles have the characteristics of light weight and low density, and are treated with two processes of cold and heat, they have strong corrosion resistance. It has good ductility, can be made into light alloy with many metal elements, and the material is excellent. In addition, the aluminum profile has strong plasticity and good productivity, which has good advantages for production. Good casting performance, good surface treatment performance, stable chemical performance, non-magnetic, and can be recycled and reused. It is a rare benign and recyclable metal material. So, what are the advantages of using aluminum profiles in bus shelters?  The advantage of using aluminum profiles for bus shelters 1:   The material of aluminum profiles is thicker than stainless steel and has stronger impact resistance.  The advantage of using aluminum profiles for bus shelters 2:   Aluminum profiles are as bright and beautiful as stainless steel, and neither will rust, but aluminum profiles are closer to silver in color, while stainless steel just shines.  The advantage of using aluminum profiles for the bus shelter 3:   Aluminum profiles are rich in colors, including flashing silver, gold, black, etc., which are more colorful than stainless steel.
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