What are the advantages of using narrow-frame aluminum?

by:Zeyi     2021-05-02
In today's rich material life to excess, the minimalist style advocates thrift, avoid waste, and return to nature. The application of narrow frame aluminum on doors and windows can be expressed as minimalist shape, minimalist design, minimalist configuration. It advocates minimalism and restraint. In modern fashion, the line is mainly used to show a simple and simple charm. The home space is a combination of point, line, surface and body. 'Dot' is the embellishment of home decorations, 'line' is the home space. Active moving lines, 'face' is each background section in the home, and 'body' is the various components that make up the whole home. The doors and windows are used as partitions to distinguish . Advantages of using narrow-frame aluminum material 1. Narrow-side hidden fan sliding door The narrow-side sliding door adopts high-quality pulleys, sliding and pulling more wear-resistant and quiet; door frame groove design, more sealing performance when the door leaf is closed; upper rail anti-sway design, can resist Typhoon; Siliconized wool tops are flexible, dustproof and durable. 2. Exquisite life is simple but not cutting corners. In order to ensure the strength of the door leaf, the wall thickness of the profile is specially increased, and the bending resistance and compression resistance are also excellent. 3. Minimalist narrow side, creating a sliding door with a narrow frame texture, to go to the complex and simple, the narrow side design is light, luxurious and fashionable, meeting the needs of modern and simple home decoration, and creating a personalized texture space with fashion taste.
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