What are the aluminum alloy profiles for conveyors

by:Zeyi     2021-06-27
Conveyor, also known as conveyor line, is a common module in industrial automation. In the past, conveyor lines were made of stainless steel. With the rise of aluminum profiles, industrial aluminum profile profile conveyor lines have gradually become popular. Since conveyor lines are commonly used in smart logistics, automated packaging, filling and other industries, customers’ demand for aluminum alloy profiles for conveyors is also increasing. What are the aluminum alloy profiles for conveyors? The conveyor lines are mainly based on different transportation The way, transportation materials and transportation sites are designed and customized. Therefore, the profile specifications used by each factory are different. Common profile specifications: 4040 light profile, 4040 heavy profile, 4040 right angle profile, 4080 profile, 4080 heavy profile, 4080 right angle profile. These two series of profiles are commonly used specifications for conveyor lines. If these two series of profiles cannot meet the load-bearing requirements, you can choose large-size profiles, including: 4545 profiles, 5050 profiles, 50100 profiles, 6060 profiles, 60120 profiles, 8080 profiles, 80160 profiles, 9090 profiles, 9090 heavy, 100100 Profiles and so on. Generally speaking, the larger the profile specification, the greater the load-bearing capacity. In the industry, there is only one criterion for judging whether the profile specifications are suitable. We will help customers choose suitable profile specifications according to the load-bearing capacity and requirements of the conveyor line customized by the customer.
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