What are the benefits of aluminum alloy die castings after impregnation treatment?

by:Zeyi     2022-01-05
Due to the existence of defects such as oxidation inclusions or looseness in die casting, the compactness of the casting is reduced. For die castings with air tightness requirements, these micro gaps can be filled by impregnation treatment. So what are the benefits of aluminum alloy die castings after impregnation treatment? 1. Improve efficiency and output 1. The foam model used for the infiltration of aluminum alloy die castings is mechanically foamed. While ensuring the quality of the model, the production speed is also quite rapid. 2. The infiltration process of aluminum alloy die castings simplifies the cumbersome steps of the traditional process, such as molding the core, which is laborious and inefficient. 3. Aluminum alloy die castings are impregnated into one box for multiple injections, and multiple boxes can be poured at the same time until the metal solution is used. Second, cost savings 1. The mold used for the infiltration of aluminum alloy die castings can be used for life, with almost no loss, reducing or eliminating mold costs. 2. The impregnation of aluminum alloy die castings abandons the core-setting process of traditional modeling, which saves labor and reduces manufacturing costs. 3. The infiltration of aluminum alloy die castings has gradually developed from the foundry industry with many male workers to many female workers, and the labor force has been greatly reduced in all aspects, and the cost of workers' wages has been reduced in disguise. 4. The sand used for infiltration of aluminum alloy die castings can be recycled, and the loss is 2%-5%. The impregnation treatment is to immerse the die-casting part in an impregnating liquid equipped with penetrating and filling functions, so that the impregnating liquid can penetrate the loose parts inside the die-casting part, thereby improving the air-tightness of the die-casting part. ————The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.
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