What are the benefits of packaging industrial aluminum profiles in wooden boxes

by:Zeyi     2021-07-03
There are many packaging methods for industrial aluminum profile profiles, such as kraft paper and air cushion film, but the status of wooden box packaging in transportation is also unshakable. Many aluminum profile processing plants use wooden box packaging for bulk cargo transportation. What are the benefits of packaging in wooden boxes? 1. Protecting commodities. Wooden box packaging can gather scattered aluminum profiles and reduce aluminum extrusion during transportation. 2. It can carry out mechanized loading and unloading. Workers can carry out a large amount of transportation by operating the transport truck, which shortens the aluminum loading and unloading time and reduces labor intensity. 3. Reduce the volume of packaging parts. A wooden box can store a variety of aluminum profile accessories, which greatly increases the storage space of the aluminum profile factory warehouse. 4. Save packaging costs. Wood is relatively cheap, and wooden boxes can be used multiple times, saving aluminum packaging costs. 5. It is convenient to count. When counting, you only need to open the wooden box to purchase a clear aluminum material for the wooden box. 6. Not affected by the environment. The wooden box has good sealing performance and is less affected by the environment and climate, which reduces the weather's damage to the aluminum. The above are the advantages of packaging aluminum profiles in wooden boxes. I hope I can help everyone.
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