What are the characteristics of industrial aluminum frame?

by:Zeyi     2021-08-30
With the popularization of industrial aluminum profiles, the application of industrial aluminum profile profile frames is also increasing. Different types of frames are used in different fields, including protective covers, workbenches, safety fences, and assembly line supports. So what are the characteristics of high-quality industrial aluminum profile profile frames made of profiles? The following is a detailed explanation by the editor:   1. The structure is reasonable and the flatness is high.   The excellent industrial aluminum profile frame structure should be reasonable, and the surface flatness should be high, without unevenness. Such an aluminum profile frame will be uniformly stressed, so as to prolong its service life and avoid bending deformation.  2, the overall tone is uniform.   The excellent industrial aluminum profile frame should have a uniform overall tone. This requires users to make a distinction when purchasing frame aluminum profiles. The excellent frame aluminum profiles are all surface-treated, and the common colors are silver, black, gold and stainless steel. If the frame aluminum profile produced from recycled aluminum is used, the surface will be dark and the color will be uneven. If you want the aluminum profile frame to be beautiful, remember to use the frame aluminum profile with uniform color to build it.  3. The connection part is precise and there is no big gap.   Aluminum profile extension products are all connected by industrial aluminum profile accessories. The industrial aluminum profile frame often uses built-in connections. The invisible and precise gaps in the connection parts of the excellent aluminum profile frame are small.   4. Safe and stable without shaking.  The built aluminum profile frame must be safe, stable, without shaking, and with good bearing capacity. This is related to the quality of the frame aluminum profile, the overall frame structure, and the connection method. Therefore, in the initial customization of the plan, remember to choose a reasonable aluminum profile model and a reasonable frame structure, and regularly check whether the connection part is loose after the installation is completed.
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