What are the characteristics of the unit curtain wall?

by:Zeyi     2021-12-14
Unit curtain wall can be divided into: unit curtain wall and semi-unit curtain wall, also known as strong unit curtain wall, semi-unit curtain wall can be divided into: vertical supporting unit combined curtain wall, curtain wall unit curtain wall. The classification of unit curtain walls is different, but the basic principles are exactly the same. It is essentially different from the production principles of frame curtain wall in design and construction. Introduced the characteristics of the unit curtain wall:. 1. The unit type solves the leakage problem of the curtain wall and adopts the principle of equal pressure. There must be three conditions for the curtain wall to leak. The first is the presence of water, such as the water used to wipe the curtain wall. Second, the movement of water; third, the movement of water has six forces, such as gravity, momentum, surface expansion force, capillary phenomenon, air flow and pressure difference. Pressure difference is the main cause of leakage in most curtain wall joints. The water content outside the curtain wall, whether it is rainwater or window washing water entering the room, not only must have cracks or cracks, but also require that the outdoor pressure be higher than the indoor pressure. If the indoor pressure is equal to the outdoor pressure, or even greater than the outdoor pressure, even if there are cracks or cracks, moisture will not enter the wall. Generally, the traditional waterproof method is to minimize the openings that may appear at the long joints, such as using various sealants and tapes to seal the joints and block them. The new way to enter the indoor waterproofing is to transfer water into the isobaric cavity, and then draw the water from the wall by dredging rainwater. In order to achieve equal pressure, we keep part or all of the joints open, but the equal pressure chamber is not a ventilated space. It must be restricted to a certain range of ventilated space in order to effectively produce an equal pressure effect. In order to achieve a complete isobaric effect, the pressure in the isobaric chamber must be maintained at any time greater than or equal to the outdoor pressure. However, we know that due to changes in wind speed, the surface pressure of a building will not remain constant forever. The higher the building, the more obvious the pressure difference. The positive wind pressure near the ground is relatively small, and the positive wind pressure at the center of the facade is greater than the positive wind pressure at the corners. The same horizontal material may be subjected to positive pressure at one end and negative pressure at the other end, which makes the design of equal pressure effect more complicated And difficulty. Therefore, high-tech solutions are needed. The principle of equal pressure is the unique core of the unit curtain wall. 2. The height of the unit element of the unit curtain wall is the height of the floor, and the width is generally 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters. Therefore, the transmission force is simple, and it can be directly hung on the floor embedded parts, and the installation is convenient. 3. A single piece can be processed in the factory, and glass, aluminum plate or other materials can be assembled on a single element of the processing plant, thus promoting the industrialization of the building. 4. Since the single piece is assembled in the whole part of the processing plant, it is convenient for factory inspection, which helps to ensure the diversification of the overall quality of the curtain wall and the engineering quality of the curtain wall. 5. The unit curtain wall in the lower direction of the ground can be installed synchronously with the civil engineering, which greatly shortens the engineering period. 6. All the works of the unit curtain wall can be completed on the ground, and high-rise scaffolding and cranes can be saved in the installation process. 7. The structural design of the installation and connection interface of the curtain wall unit can absorb inter-layer displacement and unit deformation, and generally can withstand a large range of building movements, which is particularly advantageous for high-rise buildings and steel structure buildings. 8. The unitized curtain wall can realize and maintain a double-layer sealing system. 9. After the unit curtain wall is installed, because the unit and the unit are connected in a needle shape, silicone sealant cannot be injected (some of them can also be injected, depending on the installation method). 10. The joints of the unit curtain wall frame are tightly arranged in a straight line, which facilitates the formation of a good external wall image. 11. The positioning and installation accuracy of the embedded parts of the unit curtain wall are high. 12. The unitized curtain wall needs to adopt high-tech design principles. The contractor needs some advanced design talents and equipment. Only strong curtain wall companies can build unit curtain walls. 13. The unit curtain wall requires a large number of high-tech components, the shape of the aluminum profile is also more complicated, and the number of aluminum profiles is also relatively large. Its shape is slightly higher than the frame curtain wall. (It will never be several times higher than the frame curtain wall). 14. The advantages and disadvantages of unit curtain wall and frame curtain wall are compared. This is not absolute. The comparison of various curtain walls should be based on specific actual conditions.
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