What are the classifications of aluminum frame

by:Zeyi     2021-05-30
Aluminum profile frame is the general name of the frame/bracket specially made for equipment and machinery made from industrial aluminum profile profile. The benefits and advantages of industrial aluminum profile profile frames do not need to be repeated here, I believe everyone knows them. Today we will mainly talk about the role classification of aluminum alloy frames. What are the roles? Let’s take a look: 1. Protective cover of machinery and equipment. Protective cover of machinery and equipment is a kind of aluminum frame, and it is also called machine. The frame is this kind of protective cover which can support and carry the equipment while protecting the safety of the equipment. 2. Equipment bracket The equipment bracket is another function of the aluminum profile rack. The aluminum profile can be customized for a variety of equipment and machine supports, which are used to carry the weight of the equipment and support them. 3. Equipment production line support The production line support can also be assembled from aluminum profiles. These aluminum profile processed and assembled racks are just right for the support of the production line, which can not only carry weight but also work with the production line. 4. Production line workbench The production line workbench is also a kind of aluminum profile frame assembled from aluminum profile. It is the workbench shelf for the production line and cooperates with manual production. In summary, the classification of the role of industrial aluminum profile profile frame is here, if you know other roles, please let us know. , An aluminum profile manufacturer integrating production, processing and assembly.
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