What are the classifications of aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-05-23
Those who know about aluminum.com/products.html' target='_blank'>aluminum profiles will know that aluminum profiles have many different uses, which represent different attributes and different classifications. Let me explain to you how aluminum profiles are classified from several aspects. 1. Divided by purpose: 1. Building aluminum profiles (divided into two types of doors and windows and curtain walls) 2. Radiator aluminum profiles. 3. profiles: Mainly used for industrial production and manufacturing, such as automated machinery and equipment, the skeleton of the enclosure, and the companies customize the molds according to their own mechanical equipment requirements, such as assembly line conveyor belts, elevators, dispensers, and inspections. Equipment, shelves, etc., are mostly used in the electronic machinery industry and clean rooms. 4. Aluminum alloy profile for rail vehicle structure: mainly used in the manufacture of rail vehicle body. 5. Mounting aluminum profiles, making aluminum alloy picture frames, mounting various exhibition and decorative paintings. Second, change points according to alloy composition: it can be divided into aluminum alloy grades such as 1024, 2011, 6063, 6061, 6082, 7075, among which the 6 series is the most common. The difference between different grades is that the ratio of various metal components is different Yes, except for the commonly used aluminum profiles for doors and windows such as 60 series, 70 series, 80 series, 90 series, curtain wall series and other architectural aluminum profiles, industrial aluminum profile profiles do not have a clear model distinction. Most manufacturers follow the actual drawings of customers Processed. Three, divided by surface treatment: 1. Anodized aluminum 2. Electrophoretic coated aluminum 3. Powder sprayed aluminum 4. Wood grain transfer aluminum 5. Fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum 6. Polished aluminum ( It is divided into mechanical polishing and chemical polishing. Among them, chemical polishing has the highest cost and the most expensive). The production is all industrial aluminum profile profiles. The main purpose is the production of automated mechanical equipment frames. A large factory for more than 15 years, complete specifications, factory direct sales, Reasonable, welcome to consult.
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