What are the components of aluminum alloy radiator

by:Zeyi     2021-06-19
Aluminum alloy radiators are more common in daily life. Household appliances will use aluminum alloy radiators. Did you know that aluminum alloy radiators are composed of parts? The following editor will take you to know aluminum radiators! 1, There are three types of bearings for mechanical bearing radiators: 1. Sleeve bearing with sliding friction, 2. Ball bearing with rolling friction, 3. Hybrid bearing of these two kinds of bearings. 2. Heat sink. The heat sink is a kind of heat dissipation device for electronic components. We will apply thermal grease on the contact surface of the electronic component and the heat sink. The function of applying thermal grease is to transfer the heat of the components to the heat sink. Spread to the surrounding air by the heat sink. 3. Cooling fan The speed of the cooling fan is determined by many factors. The number of coil turns in the motor, the voltage, the number of fan pages, and the bearing will all affect the speed of the cooling fan. What we need to know is that the fan speed is not directly related to the heat dissipation capacity, so we try to choose a fan with a low speed when buying a radiator, and the noise will be lower when in use. The above content is an introduction to the structure of aluminum alloy radiator. If you don’t know anything, you can consult customer service!
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