What are the components of an industrial aluminum profile fence

by:Zeyi     2021-08-15
With the development of the times, more and more machinery and equipment manufacturers, electrical equipment industry, and automobile industry have adopted industrial aluminum fences in their production lines. Today, I will introduce the components of the industrial aluminum profile fence. The industrial aluminum profile profile fence mainly includes the main frame, aluminum profile accessories and auxiliary board parts. Let's introduce them one by one. 1. The main frame of the industrial aluminum profile fence. The specifications and models of industrial aluminum profiles 4040 and 4080 are usually used. According to actual needs, 4080 profiles are usually selected at the corners of the columns, tops, and strong stress points. profiles will be used in conjunction with special accessories, so that assembly and disassembly, and repeated recycling are also very simple and convenient. 2. Selection of special fittings and connectors for industrial aluminum profile fences. Normally, the main frame of the fence is connected by countersunk holes and tapped bolts, and some use built-in connectors, corner pieces are reinforced, and L-shaped T-shaped connecting plates are supplemented, and built-in connections are also used in each case. Pieces etc. The bottom is fixed to the ground with anchor connecting pieces and expansion screws. 3. The use of auxiliary plates for industrial aluminum profile profile fences. There are many types of sheets used, usually acrylic, arc-proof sheet, flame-retardant sheet, plexiglass and so on. Some customers will choose a 40*40 black grid, and there are a variety of grid sizes and models, as well as a variety of colors to choose from. : After introducing you to the components of the industrial aluminum profile fence, do you have a preliminary impression of the industrial aluminum profile fence? If you need more information, you can click to consult!
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