What are the comprehensive knowledge of aluminum alloy profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-07-25
The production process of aluminum profiles mainly includes three processes: casting, extrusion and coloring (coloring mainly includes: oxidation, electrophoretic coating, fluorocarbon spraying, powder spraying). What is the comprehensive knowledge of aluminum alloy profiles? Let me tell you:    aluminum profiles are divided into:    1. Industrial aluminum profiles: mainly used in airplanes, trains, industrial radiators, automobiles, and electrical appliances.  2. Aluminum alloy building profiles: mainly used for building doors and windows, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decoration and aluminum profiles for building structures.  Aluminum profile is divided into:   1, anodized aluminum: the surface of the profile is anodized, electrolytic colored or organic colored.  2. Electrophoretic painted aluminum: the surface of the profile is treated by anodizing and electrophoretic coating.  3. Powder sprayed aluminum: the surface of the profile is coated with thermosetting organic polymer powder.  4. Fluorocarbon paint sprayed aluminum: the surface of the profile is coated with polyvinylidene fluoride paint. At present, the commonly used heat-insulating profile is an aluminum alloy profile that adopts a strip type or a cast type composite. Key indicators of aluminum alloy profiles:    1. Appearance quality: The surface of anodized profiles is not allowed to have defects that affect the use such as electric burns and oxide film shedding; the paint film after electrophoresis, powder, and fluorocarbon profiles should be uniform, tidy, smooth, Wrinkles, cracks, bubbles, flow marks, inclusions and paint film falling off are not allowed to affect the use of defects, but it is allowed to have no partial film within 80mm of the end of the profile. The appearance quality of aluminum alloy architectural profiles affects the architectural decoration effect, so the ex-factory profiles must be coated on the surface to avoid surface scratches, bumps, and corrosion during transportation and stacking. Some aluminum alloy architectural profiles on the market have similar water lines and mildew spots in the inner cavity, reflecting the defects of the production process.  2. Wall thickness: The wall thickness of the profile is one of the main factors that affect the strength of the processed part. The main profile is the force-bearing part in the project. For example, the minimum nominal wall thickness of the main profile of the exterior window shall not be less than 1.4mm.    3. Film thickness: The extruded aluminum alloy profile has a weak surface corrosion resistance, and surface treatment must be carried out to increase the corrosion resistance and resistance of the aluminum material. Abrasiveness and appearance. The film thickness of anodized aluminum is divided into AA10, AA15, AA20, AA25, and the film thickness of electrophoretic painted aluminum is divided into A. B. S, the minimum local thickness of the coating on the decorative surface of powder sprayed aluminum is ≥40um. The thickness of the paint layer on the decorative surface of the fluorocarbon paint sprayed aluminum is different depending on the type of coating. The average film thickness of the second coating is ≥30um, and the third coating Average film thickness ≥40um, four-coating average film thickness ≥65um.    4. Chemical composition and mechanical properties: The chemical composition and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy profiles are different in different grades and supply conditions. Customers should compare standards (contract) Check one by one.  5. Color and chromatic aberration: There are differences in color and chromatic aberration in alloys of different grades and delivery states. It is recommended to fully consider the impact of color and chromatic aberration on the building structure when selecting alloy grades and supply status.  6. u200bu200bSalt spray corrosion resistance, abrasiveness, weatherability, mortar properties, etc.: This is an important technical parameter of aluminum alloy profiles, reflecting the properties of aluminum alloy profiles and affecting use.
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