What are the connection methods of industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-07-22
profiles are used in a wide range of industries, so there are many ways to connect industrial aluminum profiles suitable for all walks of life. Under normal circumstances, industrial aluminum profiles are connected with industrial aluminum profile accessories. Let's take a look at the specific linking methods below. 1. Bolts, nuts or elastic fasteners are connected, and the right-angle connection generally uses half-round head bolts. The right-angle connection of this aluminum profile connection is built-in, because it is invisible from the outside, the advantage is that it is easy to locate during installation, this connection method is economical, practical, and cost-effective. 2. Angle groove connector, used for the right-angle connection of two profiles. When installing, insert both ends into the groove pit of the profile, and lock the set screw. Please choose different angle groove connectors according to the groove width and connection mode of the profile. . 3. The built-in connector connection is generally used for the cross connection of industrial aluminum profile profiles. The built-in connection generally only requires reaming on one of the profiles, so it is more suitable for use on the installed frame or machine, and an additional one is added. The position is arbitrary, so it is a right-angle connection with strong adaptability. 4. Angle piece connection. The angle piece connection is generally used to strengthen the supporting force of the connected profile point, and is used to support and fix the profile and the connection point of the profile subject to strong or vibration. In addition to the several commonly used connection methods above, aluminum profiles can also be connected in parallel, lengthened, multi-angled, etc., respectively using living hinges, grooved connectors, angle adjustment plates, and so on.
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