What are the construction technology of unit building curtain wall?

by:Zeyi     2022-02-10
Measurement and release are the basis of unit curtain wall construction. Its purpose is to ensure the accurate assembly of unit building curtain walls, avoid the accumulation of accumulated deviations, crush the final grid, and cause difficulty in closing. The measurement lines include curtain wall positioning line and curtain wall elevation line, curtain wall positioning line, that is, the curtain wall grid line at the bottom of the curtain wall is approved by the theodolite, and then the vertical steel wire from the bottom to the top is placed on the basis of the bottom curtain wall grid line, and then the theodolite Calibration and fixing, so that the steel wire can be used as a curtain wall installation and positioning control line on this surface. Curtain wall elevation line, that is, according to the facade of the building, use a level to draw the horizontal point of the outer eaves of the building, and throw a horizontal line as the horizontal reference line. After determining the baseline, the baseline can be used as a horizontal control line for horizontal installation. Attention should be paid to the measurement direction: the detection and inspection of each grid axis should be coordinated with the measurement data of the main structure, and the errors of the main structure should be analyzed, determined and eliminated. The environmental conditions for measuring and releasing the wire require that the external force is less than level 4, and necessary wind-shielding measures should be arranged according to the actual situation. Installation and connection pendants The connection pendant has two functions: on the one hand, it plays an auxiliary support and connection role for the unit glass curtain wall, and strengthens the connection between the curtain wall panel and the civil structure; on the other hand, it can correct the beam, column, floor and other civil works The size deviation makes the installation of the glass curtain wall smoother. The connecting pendant is composed of bolts and connectors. These bolts and connectors are connected and fixed by connecting bolts and embedded parts to form a three-dimensional adjustable system, which together constitute the load-bearing support system of the unit body. Three-dimensional fine-tuning is realized by the corner codes and hanging codes on the unit body. The corner codes and hanging codes on the unit board can be installed on the connector, and the three-dimensional structure of the unit board can be slid to realize the fine adjustment of the three-dimensional structure of the unit board. Since the butt connection of the unit curtain wall needs to be completed while installing the unit components in the main structure, the connector of the unit curtain wall should be installed on the main structure. The connector is connected to the embedded part by a stainless steel bolt. Due to the high building height, the connectors are installed step by step, and the structures are matched one by one. The installation accuracy of the connectors improves the construction quality of the curtain wall, that is, good connector installation accuracy and structural accuracy of the curtain wall components are effective for the flatness of the exterior surface of the unit curtain wall. Guarantee. Unit curtain wall installation Unit plate hoisting, that is, open the electric hoist, slowly lift the disc, and arrange a special person to protect the unit body from swaying, non-contact, lifting and raising the wind rope to ensure the unit body rises steadily. The installation layer is equipped with construction personnel who are responsible for the positioning and installation of the unit board during the falling process. When the unit board is falling, attention should be paid to slow transportation and dispersion. According to the installation position of the board, the installer should pay attention to moving the unit board to the correct position, and then fix the bolts. After hoisting, the surface of the unit board should be cleaned and repaired. Among them, the colloidal residue and other dirt on the uncoated surface (such as the glass surface) can be scraped off with a blade, then cleaned with a neutral solvent, and finally cleaned with water; the dirt treatment of the coated surface material should be more careful and not applied The blade is scraped off. Do not use forceful scrubbing, but can only be cleaned with solvent and water. The curtain wall structure, such as main components, sealants, glass, etc., should be protected to avoid various factors such as structural deformation, pollution, discoloration, and drainage blockage. Closed water test According to the construction quality requirements, the closed water test should be carried out on the curtain wall. The construction of the unit curtain wall is mainly to correctly install the drainage groove at the junction of the two unit panels, and the sealant must be installed at the bottom and sides of the installation. In the process of construction and installation, every layer of waterproof treatment must be done well. After the installation of the first floor, the airtight water test is carried out every 5 boards every 10 boards. Fill the water tank with water for at least 15 minutes, and then observe for leaks. If there is a leak, the oil leakage must be improved and then tested until it is qualified. After the test is completed, the drainage holes must be cleaned, and all the drainage grooves must be cleaned of debris before installing the accessory materials, so as not to affect the normal drainage function of the curtain wall after it is delivered to use.
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