What are the development trends of aluminum alloy templates and traditional templates?

by:Zeyi     2021-07-23
At present, aluminum molds are gradually replacing traditional templates and have been widely used. Because of their light weight, high strength, large board width, and few seams, the construction quality is effectively ensured. Although aluminum alloy formwork has a higher initial investment compared with traditional slabs, it can effectively shorten the construction period, improve the construction quality, and greatly reduce all the troubles caused by the secondary construction.  Because the planning of aluminum membrane panels has standardized and diversified characteristics, it can be adapted to installations and constructions in any orientation, and the standardization of construction projects has been guaranteed and improved. In terms of economic benefits, compared with traditional formwork, aluminum alloy formwork will have more investment in the early stage, but it is still widely used. The reason is that although traditional formwork such as wood molds has less investment in the early stage, it requires a lot of investment in the later stage. Considering the overall consideration, choose aluminum. The benefits of the model will be higher. Example: Aluminum alloy is an environmentally friendly building material with a high recovery rate and recovery value. The recovery rate of residual value can reach more than 80% of the quotation of the raw material. The aluminum alloy template can be reused, which also saves capital money to a large extent. It can be said that everyone uses aluminum alloy formwork as a decoration material. In addition to its high initial investment, the later investment is almost zero. This is the biggest feature of the outstanding economic benefits of aluminum formwork. Next, let's also talk about the more traditional materials for domestic construction formwork:   1) The most traditional wood formwork, the most common ones are poplar formwork and pine formwork. This formwork is relatively light, and the cost is slightly less. Low, but the durability is not too good, and the reuse rate is very low.  2) The steel formwork, as the name implies, is made of steel and has very high strength. However, the weight is too heavy, reusable, and the cost is extremely high.  3) Plastic template, not afraid of water, low cost, durable, but not strong enough.   Compared with the above three traditional templates, the reuse of aluminum templates far exceeds these three common templates. It is strong, light, and not easy to rust. It is most suitable for the south and some humid places. In addition: the aluminum formwork can be poured at one time after assembly. If it is the same floor or a repeated building like a residential area, the use of aluminum formwork will have a significant advantage in the construction period price. Not only does the joints are fine, the wall is beautiful, and the later stage The decoration is also very convenient.  
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