What are the factors that affect the price of aluminum shells?

by:Zeyi     2021-08-17
The price of aluminum alloy processing on the market varies, and of course there will be differences in quality, so it is always difficult for everyone to make a decision when buying, worrying about buying inferior products. Then, everyone needs to know more about the aluminum alloy industry, market, and products. Therefore, the editor will talk to you about the factors that affect the price changes of aluminum enclosures.   1. Import and export tariffs    the impact of international exchange rates. International trade in aluminum prices is generally priced and settled in U.S. dollars. In recent years, the impact of the trend of U.S. dollar on aluminum prices is obvious. The impact of import and export tariffs on the price of aluminum profile shells is particularly prominent in China.  Second, the impact of electricity prices  The aluminum industry is also known as the electric tiger industry. At present, the average power consumption per ton of aluminum in domestic and foreign aluminum plants is controlled below 15,000 kwh/t. The experience of aluminum ingot production in Western countries shows that when the electricity bill exceeds 30% of the aluminum production cost, it is considered dangerous production.  3. The influence of alumina supply   The cost of aluminum accounts for about 28%-34% of the production cost of aluminum ingots. Due to the high concentration of the international alumina market, most of the global alumina (80% to 90%) is sold through long-term contracts, so there is very little alumina available for sale in the spot market.  Four. The influence of supply and demand relationship   The relationship directly affects the market pricing of a commodity. When the market supply and demand relationship is in a temporary equilibrium, the market price of the commodity will fluctuate in a narrow range; when the supply and demand relationship is unbalanced, the price will fluctuate sharply. In the aluminum futures market, investors can pay attention to an indicator that reflects changes in the relationship between aluminum supply and demand-inventory. The inventory of aluminum profile shells is divided into reported inventory and non-reported inventory. Reported inventory is also called explicit inventory. The futures exchange regularly announces the amount of aluminum in its designated delivery warehouse. The non-reported inventory mainly refers to the amount of aluminum held by manufacturers, traders and consumers worldwide. Since these inventories are not counted and released by specialized agencies, these inventories are also called hidden inventories.  5. The impact of the economic situation   has become an important non-ferrous metal species, especially in developed countries or regions, the consumption of aluminum has been highly correlated with economic development. When the economy of a country or region develops rapidly, aluminum consumption will also increase simultaneously.
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