What are the finishing methods of industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-07-20
Recently, I discovered that many people are more interested in finishing industrial aluminum profile profiles, and they just ask if they can do finishing? If you want to do the finishing of industrial aluminum profiles, the prerequisite is to find the source manufacturer, only the manufacturer has the strength to provide finishing services. Let me explain to you what are the steps of finishing? One is cutting. Cutting is a basic processing service. A profile is 6 meters long and can be cut to length according to requirements to customize frame products. The second is tapping. Including end tapping, drilling tapping, using CNC machining equipment, can accurately control the depth. The third is drilling. Including through holes, countersunk holes, blind holes, mounting holes, etc. It needs to be finished according to the requirements of engineering drawings. The fourth is assembly. Including finished product assembly, on-site assembly, etc., providing installation instructions and video installation instructions. Fifth, other finishing services. Including hole milling, slot milling, face milling, end milling and so on. The above is the specific content of 'What are the finishing methods of industrial aluminum profile profiles'. If you need finishing services, please come to inquire. More than 15 years of industrial aluminum profile profile manufacturer, 10 sets of CNC processing equipment, providing finishing/deep processing services, providing design solutions, welcome inquiries
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