What are the fixing nuts for industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-07-24
The role of nuts in the connection and fixation of aluminum profiles cannot be ignored. They are often used in conjunction with bolts to install various accessories. So what are the commonly used fixing nuts for aluminum profiles? Let me explain to you. 1. It is a flange nut. It is often used in conjunction with T-bolts. There are two specifications: M6 and M8. Generally, large aluminum profiles use M8 flange nuts, and small aluminum profiles use M6 flange nuts. 2. It is a square nut. It is a special aluminum profile fitting for national standard profiles. Often used in conjunction with hexagon socket bolts. 3. It is a slider nut. It is also a kind of rear nut. It needs to be embedded during the installation process to install connecting accessories on the profile. There are also national standards and European standards. 4. It is an elastic nut. It is one of the more used nuts among the above nuts. Because it can be directly put into any place in the aluminum profile slot, the spring steel ball on the back can fix its position, and the installation is simple and convenient. 5. It is a T-nut. Belongs to a kind of rear nut. It can be divided into national standard T-nut, European standard T-nut and stainless steel T-nut. It is a good helper for installing corner pieces and other accessories. During the assembly process, it can automatically position and lock automatically. Often used with hexagon socket bolts. The above is the content. If you need nut accessories, you can come to consult. Aluminum profile manufacturer for 16 years, wholesale and retail aluminum profile and supporting accessories, complete varieties and specifications, high quality and low price, welcome to consult.
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