What are the functions of industrial aluminum profile accessories

by:Zeyi     2021-07-15
There are thousands of specifications and models of industrial aluminum profile profile accessories, each of which plays an important role in its respective scope of use. It is precisely because of its existence that makes the diversity of connections between profiles possible, and customers can customize their own frame products. So what are the functions of industrial aluminum profile profile accessories? Let's explain it to you. 1. Fixation. As an accessory, its main function is to fix two or more profiles together to build a frame product. Bolts and nuts are mainly used for fixing. 2. Connection function. The connection function is similar to the fixing function, but the connection function can penetrate deep into the profile and be connected and fixed from the inside, which has better aesthetics. Fixing accessories are mainly used on the surface of the profile, so there are differences. In addition to various connectors, such as built-in connectors, anchor connection pins, etc., to play the role of connection, there are hexagon socket bolts, half-round head bolts and so on. 3. Supporting role. Some aluminum fittings should be used for support. For example, hoof feet, casters, square feet, etc., are mainly used for the bottom of the profile frame, as a support, and have the effect of shock resistance and stability. 4. Decorative function. Some aluminum fittings are used for decoration, and this kind of fittings can be selected or not selected when used. Because the main function is beauty and convenience, you can consider whether to use it or not from the cost factor. 5. Anti-loose function. Some accessories are mainly used in conjunction with other accessories to prevent loosening. For example, elastic fasteners are used in conjunction with half-round head bolts. The above is the main function of industrial aluminum profile profile accessories. If you have any questions, please come to consult. Aluminum profile manufacturer for 16 years, providing installation guidance, welcome to consult.
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