What are the important points to pay attention to when customizing industrial aluminum profile frames?

by:Zeyi     2021-11-29
Aluminum profile frame refers to a frame assembled with industrial aluminum profile profile and travel-specific parts or accessories. For example, workbenches, industrial fences, escalators, stairs, etc. that factories need to use. The processing of the frame usually requires attention to several details. From the details, can we understand the attitude and strength of aluminum profile manufacturers? First of all, the quality of the frame first depends on whether the surface of the profile is smooth, whether there are scratches and whether there is a clean place; then observe whether there is a gap between the aluminum profile and the attachment rod, or talk about the size of the gap and whether the seal is bulging , Whether the feet are firmly installed, etc.; then check whether the interface between the configuration file and the configuration file is tidy? Finally, we need to check whether the machining holes and diameters of the aluminum frame are suitable and accurate.
How does industrial aluminum profile profile become aluminum profile frame?
First of all, the common way is to connect through the feet, without further processing. The bracket can be completed with bolts and nuts, which is very convenient and simple. Moreover, the corner pieces have high strength, and a series of situations such as shaking will not occur during repeated use. Therefore, many customers prefer aluminum brackets connected with connectors. If you have requirements for the appearance and like to look elegant and beautiful, you can fix it with hexagon socket bolts, because the hexagon socket bolts are hidden inside the profile and the surface is smooth. In addition to the above-mentioned accessories commonly used for aluminum profile brackets, hexagon socket bolts and corner pieces, built-in connectors, anchor pins, corner groove connectors, bevel connectors, L-shaped connecting plates, T-shaped connecting plates, etc. All of these can be connected at right angles. But these accessories are mainly connected with L-shaped, T-shaped, and cross-shaped profiles. If you want to achieve an extended connection, you must select the slot connection as a straight line extension connection. So do you have a simple understanding of aluminum brackets?
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