What are the installation standards for aluminum doors and windows?

by:Zeyi     2021-04-27
What are the installation standards for aluminum doors and windows? ? Aluminum profile is an important material for household doors and windows. Because we have different requirements for aluminum profile doors and windows, many household aluminum profile doors and windows are customized to achieve. All-aluminum household aluminum panels on both sides, the PVC core filled in the middle of the PVC panels on the market, usually have a density of about 1.4-1.8 (the smaller the density, the better the quality). The home improvement aluminum is made of aluminum panels on both sides, with a honeycomb aluminum core filled in the middle. The density of aluminum honeycomb cores on the market is usually 5*0.03 (5 is the side length of the honeycomb core, 0.03 is the thickness of the honeycomb core, the smaller the side length, the higher the density, the greater the thickness, and the higher the strength). Compared with the two materials, the functions of the two materials are the same. The PVC board is more heavy and cost-effective, while the honeycomb board has a higher environmental protection factor, but its processing is complicated and the cost is high. At present, all-aluminum household consumers generally accept these two materials. Door and window aluminum door and window materials, the material connected to the wall. Its main feature is that the surface where it meets the wall is mostly flat, which is fixed on the wall and cannot be moved. So, what is the manufacturing process of aluminum doors and windows? We together look. Aluminum doors and windows production process: Four steps in the production process of aluminum doors and windows: 1, 2 crushing materials, drilling 3, 4 components, or packaging protection 1, cutting and cutting materials, also known as blanking, is the front of aluminum doors and windows that can be made The process is also a key process. The material cutting is mainly through the use of different cutting technology and equipment. The length of the material should be determined according to the requirements of teaching design development and with reference to the large-scale construction drawing of the door and window engineering. We are required to cut accurately; otherwise, the squareness of the door and window cannot be guaranteed, and the error value of the broken material size should be Control within 2mm. Generally speaking, for students, the material of sliding doors and windows should be cut at right angles; the material of casement doors and windows should be cut by 45 other data types. The company should choose the cutting management method according to the assembly work method. 2. Drilling holes The frame and fan assembly of aluminum doors and windows are usually connected by screws, so whether it is the horizontal or vertical rod assembly or the fixing of the accessories, it is necessary to drill holes in the corresponding position. When drilling the profile, you can use a small bench drill or a kind of electric drill. The former has a workbench, so it can effectively ensure the accuracy of the drilling position, and the latter is easy to operate. Before drilling, you should locate the elastic line on the profile according to the assembly technical requirements. It requires accurate drilling position information and proper selection of the hole diameter. The surface of the profile cannot be changed repeatedly because the hole is difficult to repair once the student is formed. 3. Assembled profiles are assembled by screw connection according to the requirements of the large construction drawings. There are three ways to assemble aluminum profile doors and windows: 45-angle butt, right-angle butt and vertical butt... Then fix it with screws, bolts or aluminum pull nails, and the rest are packaged for protection..
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