What are the issues that need to be paid attention to when purchasing industrial aluminum?

by:Zeyi     2022-01-08
, as the name implies, is a profile made of an alloy material with industrial aluminum as the main component. After the surface is oxidized, the appearance is very beautiful, and it is resistant to dirt. Once it is coated with oil, it is very easy to clean. When assembling into products, different specifications of profiles can also be used according to different load-bearing, and matching aluminum profile accessories are used. The installation of industrial aluminum profile does not require welding, which is more environmentally friendly, and is lighter and easier to carry. So, what problems should we pay attention to when choosing industrial aluminum profile materials? 1. Check the product delivery certificate, pay attention to the delivery date, specifications, technical conditions, company name and production license number. 2. Observe the surface condition of the product carefully. The product should have bright colors and good gloss. The surface should not have obvious scratches, bubbles and other defects. 3. Pay attention to the wall thickness of the product. The product thickness of the door and window materials should not be less than 1, 0mm. 4. Pay attention to the thickness of the surface coating of the product. The film thickness of anodized products is not less than 10μm, the film thickness of electrophoretic paint products is not less than 17μm, and the thickness of powder spray coating does not exceed the range of 40-120μm. Fluorocarbon paint spraying The product should be above the second coating and not less than 30μm. 5. Users in coastal areas should choose electrophoretic painted profiles, powder sprayed profiles or fluorocarbon sprayed profiles with better corrosion resistance. 6. Brushes and other hard objects should not be used as cleaning tools during routine maintenance. Soft cotton yarn and cotton cloth should be selected. 7. Water, detergent and soap can be used for cleaning, but other organic substances cannot be used. The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact and delete it.
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