What are the key points for customizing special-shaped aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-07-10
Nowadays, aluminum profile mold opening customization has become the choice of more and more customers. Custom aluminum profile inevitably has to open molds. What problems should be paid attention to when opening molds and custom aluminum profiles? First, aluminum profile mold opening custom molds must be qualified and customized The mold is high-precision tool steel. Because the mold needs to have very high wear resistance, this requires the mold to have high rigidity, light weight, high surface finish and high dimensional accuracy. The aluminum alloy profile with complex shape and difficult cutting process needs to be processed easily by cold extrusion process. 2. The raw materials of aluminum profiles must be qualified for mold opening and customized profiles. At present, the raw materials of industrial aluminum profile profiles are generally 6063-T5 aluminum alloy, and some are 6061 aluminum alloy. However, in order to save costs, many manufacturers use recycled aluminum to mix with pure aluminum, smelt into an alloy and then extrude, so that the surface of the aluminum profile produced does not see any difference, but in fact, the service life is extremely short. Therefore, the raw materials of the profile must be qualified to ensure that the aluminum profile customized by the mold is qualified. Third, the surface treatment of aluminum profile custom-made profiles to be qualified The surface treatment of aluminum profiles is generally anodized, conventional anodizing is generally silver-white, but the custom-made mold can be any color of the RAL system. Qualified surface treatment means that the thickness of the oxide film must be up to standard, and the color must be correct and uniform. The above are a few issues that need to be paid attention to when opening molds and customizing aluminum profiles! I suggest you, you must choose a powerful processing factory for customizing aluminum profiles!
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