What are the key points of aluminum door and window hardware selection?

by:Zeyi     2021-06-30
Doors and windows are an important part of the building. Everyone cannot do without them. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for doors and windows are getting higher and higher.   With the release of a series of national building energy efficiency standards, the country’s requirements for building energy efficiency have been further strengthened and refined. For building doors and windows that have undertaken important energy-saving and emission-reduction tasks, how to improve the energy-saving performance of doors and windows has become a key issue that the door and window industry must face today.   In recent years, more and more door and window system concepts have been proposed in the architectural door and window industry. From foreign Schüco, Rochdi, and Aluk to domestic Rieger, Zhengdian, Becquer, etc., all are excellent door and window systems. Including profiles, glass, hardware, sealing strips, auxiliary accessories and supporting screens, special processing equipment and installation tools, doors and windows processed and installed in accordance with standard processes, it is not only a system of materials, but also system technical support. System after-sales service.   Door and window hardware is an important part of the door and window system. Since the 1990s, my country's real estate industry has developed rapidly, and construction doors and windows have also ushered in their own golden age. Wood, steel, aluminum alloy, plastic and even glass materials have formed a diversified, multi-level, and multi-variety product structure of building doors and windows in my country.
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