What are the main factors affecting the price of aluminum profiles?

by:Zeyi     2021-10-02
The price of aluminum profile is mainly determined based on the current aluminum price, and the price of aluminum is not as irregular as we imagined to be followed; the price of aluminum is mainly affected by the external market, that is, the market policies of the main producing countries and consumers and the alternatives. Affected by many factors such as price trends, then, what are the main factors affecting the price of aluminum profiles? It is understood that each rise or fall of aluminum prices is due to factors such as the external aluminum profile market environment and the situation and policies; combined with the current internal market development trend, it can be roughly summarized as follows:   ①, aluminum product supply and demand relationship The impact of:    aluminum product prices will follow changes in market supply and demand, and the degree of fluctuations in the supply and demand relationship of aluminum prices will directly affect the volatility of aluminum prices. Aluminum product inventory is an important indicator that affects the relationship between supply and demand in the aluminum market. Aluminum market inventory can be divided into reported and non-reported inventory. Reported inventory refers to the inventory reported by the non-ferrous metal futures exchange. The inventory data it reports will directly affect Inventory demand in the aluminum profile market. ②The influence of energy consumption factors: The electrolytic aluminum industry is an intensive industrial chain that is heavily driven by electricity, and has a very large demand for electric energy. Therefore, the consumption of electric energy will directly affect the market price of electrolytic aluminum, which is also an important factor affecting the price of aluminum. One of the factors will also affect the trend of international aluminum prices. ③ Market price of alumina: The price cost of alumina products accounts for 20%-34% of the cost of aluminum ingots. Compared with countries with large gaps between alumina and electrolytic aluminum, the international alumina market price will directly Affect the cost input of its electrolytic aluminum. ④ The impact of aluminum product import and export policy and exchange rate:    due to the tight supply and demand of domestic alumina products, and the demand for category products is restricted by the domestic macroeconomic environment, and cannot grow rapidly, this impact is beneficial to China’s aluminum ingot export trade ; However, due to the large energy consumption and high cost of aluminum ingot production, it has seriously affected the development of the domestic aluminum ingot market. Therefore, China needs to import the form of annual to meet the situation of domestic aluminum ingot demand; therefore, China is The export irrigation policy will directly affect the price of aluminum products; and the difference in international currency exchange rates will also have a certain impact on the international aluminum price.  ⑤, the influence of changes in the application field of aluminum products:   The changes in the application fields of aluminum products and the restrictions on many aluminum industries by domestic policies and many other factors will have a serious impact on the market development of aluminum products and the prices of aluminum products. ⑥. The impact of aluminum product production process and technology innovation:   The development of intelligent industry is more and more widely used in the production of electrolytic aluminum industry. The investment of intelligent industrial production technology has greatly reduced the production cost of aluminum products and improved production efficiency. The impact on aluminum prices is very large. ⑦. Aluminum prices will also be affected seasonally:    my country’s aluminum profile market is affected by the heating season and energy-saving and environmental protection factors. The aluminum profile manufacturers that do not meet the national emission standards have been suspended for rectification, resulting in increased fluctuations in the supply-demand relationship of the aluminum product market. As a result, the price of aluminum profile products increases rapidly; a full understanding of the factors affecting the aluminum product market can better grasp the development trend of the aluminum profile market.
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