What are the management methods of radiator aluminum profiles in different links

by:Zeyi     2021-05-30
With the increasing demand of different occupations, the production value of aluminum radiator profiles is also increasing. The increase in output value also means that more equipment is needed, and the process requirements are higher. Therefore, aluminum profiles must have different management methods in different links to produce qualified aluminum profile products. With the development of economy, the use of aluminum radiator profiles in people's lives has become more and more extensive. As aluminum alloy can be recycled and can better save energy, it has become the first choice for green materials among metal products, and aluminum profiles have also brought more green and new lives to everyone. Radiator aluminum profiles are widely used in construction. With the improvement of living standards, people will choose aluminum alloy products for interior decoration, such as aluminum alloy doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and so on. Because the aluminum plate is light in weight, it is very convenient to install it as the indoor ceiling. The aluminum plate is easy to process and can be made into any shape, which can achieve the decoration intention during decoration. The aluminum plate can be made into different colors after anodizing, which can meet the decoration requirements, so it is welcomed by many people. 1. Enhance the technological level, strictly implement the operating procedures, check the operation status of the equipment every day, and observe the technological parameters. When inspecting the equipment, pay attention to whether there are workpieces stuck in the equipment to avoid rust. 2. In the process of degreasing the aluminum profile of the radiator, if the residual liquid is not cleaned, it will directly affect the product quality. However, in order to save water, the water in the washing process is generally recycled. 3. The foam is controlled during the scrubbing process. The generation and elimination of foam is very important for the subsequent processing industry, but the quality of the aluminum profile cleaning agent does not depend on the amount of foam, but requires low foam during eruption, otherwise the follow-up The operation cannot be performed. With the development of technology, a heat-insulating and broken-bridge aluminum alloy has been produced. The use of this aluminum alloy for doors and windows can not only isolate the outside heat from entering, but also prevent the indoor hot air from leaving in winter, and has a good sound insulation effect. Brings a better quality of life to people.
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