What are the packaging methods for industrial aluminum profiles to reduce damage

by:Zeyi     2021-08-24
profile manufacturers will package the products after processing the products to facilitate the transportation of aluminum profiles. If the product packaging is damaged, it may cause damage to the aluminum profiles. What packaging methods do aluminum profile manufacturers have in order to reduce product damage What? The common packaging of industrial aluminum profile profiles is kraft paper or air cushion film packaging. The air cushion film is wrapped on the aluminum profile and then fixed with tape. The air cushion film is relatively soft. The main function is to separate the aluminum profiles to prevent the aluminum profiles from colliding with each other. Scratches. The packaging products of kraft paper and air cushion film are different. Because the material of kraft paper is relatively thick and hard, it is generally used to package longer aluminum profiles. If there are special requirements for the surface of aluminum profiles, such as solar frame aluminum profiles, we need to paint on the solar surface, and then use air cushion film or kraft paper for packaging. For more or scattered aluminum parts, we usually use wooden boxes for packaging. Wooden boxes can be used for packaging to avoid damage caused by squeezing the product during transportation. In fact, what are the packaging methods of industrial aluminum profiles? I will not introduce too much. The packaging is strictly packaged in accordance with the process, which greatly reduces the damage rate of aluminum profiles.
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