What are the precautions for the aluminum extrusion production process

by:Zeyi     2021-07-06
1. The aluminum rod assembly furnace must be equipped with aluminum rods with appropriate length, correct material, smooth surface without grooves, and quality (crystallization, composition, density, and no overburning) according to the requirements of the production list and the actual situation of the mold. And pay attention to the identification and spacing of different aluminum rods. Pay attention to the position of the furnace and the width of the chain, pay attention to each other and not loose (use angle iron to block, do not use aluminum that is easy to soften at high temperature) to prevent the furnace from plugging, and pay attention to the aluminum rods not to loose or fall when the furnace is transported and installed Personal injury and equipment accidents. Frequently check the firmness of equipment such as chains, pins, runners, and tension columns. Frequently check the actual temperature of the aluminum rods and the data of the meter value (not exceeding 560 degrees), properly cool down (below 520 degrees) when the machine stops for a long time, and always check whether the torch gun is running, the circulating fan is running, the cooling water (water pump) and other equipment are in good condition .  2, operating the extruder   The extruder operator must pay attention to the following matters before formal operation to ensure the normal, safe and continuity of production. (1) Check whether the equipment is normal, whether the operating parts of the machine are in place, whether the sliding plate is lubricated, whether the travel switch of the sensing device is activated, whether the fasteners (screws) are loose, whether the circulating cooling water is turned on, and whether the oil level is sufficient , Whether the oil temperature is normal, whether the oil pump has abnormal noise, whether the working speed is normal, and whether the movement conversion is normal.   (2) Check the condition of the bar furnace (refer to Article 1), check the extrusion center line, check the heating of the extrusion cylinder, and the fluctuation of the heating instrument. The operation of tractor, material bed and rear equipment. Whether various operating tools and maintenance hardware tools (molds, pads, cake presses, press plates, clamps, hammers, pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, screw knives, crowbars, heat insulation tops, plastic tools, etc.) are fixed at the work site , Drive, whether the mold heating furnace is normal. Whether various quenching cooling fans are running. Whether the various measuring tools are complete and correct. (3) Whether there are irrelevant personnel on site, maintenance personnel, inspection personnel, and new learners, the relevant personnel should be discouraged, inquired, and reminded according to the actual situation and based on the principle of safety first. Prevent, explain, train, guide, demonstrate, etc., and keep confidential work for outsiders who are not accompanied by leaders when necessary. Coordinate production according to schedule, team personnel, and pay attention to the orderly connection of each process.   (4) Understand the production content, production requirements, production sequence, and make corresponding real data records during production. The handwriting is clear and the production date is marked. It can be verified, traceable, can be used for reference, and can be cited. The drawings, forms, materials, documents, etc. of the production profile must be prepared in advance and familiar with the chest.  3. Stretching of aluminum profile    (1) The aluminum profile on the cooling bed shall not be rubbed, pulled, overlapped, crowded, or entangled in the process of reclaiming, moving and stretching. A certain interval should be reserved between each other. The profiles that are easy to bend and the length of the discharge should be processed in time, and mutual protection should be done if necessary. (2) When the profile is stretched, the profile must be cooled to below 50 degrees (bare hands can hold it tightly) before it can be moved to the stretching rack for stretching. If the temperature is too high, stretching will burn the human body and burn the top. Moreover, because the internal stress of the profile cannot be completely eliminated, there will be absolute waste products such as bending, twisting, and poor performance before and after aging. (3) Because the tops have the function of preventing heat dissipation, the profiles with high decorative surface requirements must be turned up and down to facilitate uniform heat dissipation and reduce the lateral bright spot defects caused by uneven heat dissipation and crystallinity, especially for large widths. It is more important to pay attention to the surface, thicker profile. (4) Pay attention to the small feet of profiles with high width-to-thickness ratio, long overhangs, large arcs, large disparity in wall thickness, strange shapes, thin teeth, long legs, arc surfaces, inclined surfaces, openings, angles, etc. Force conditions to prevent partial or spot size deformation, twisting, spiraling and other defects of the profile. 
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