What are the precautions when glueing the curtain wall?

by:Zeyi     2022-02-06
What are the precautions when glueing the curtain wall? The process of replacing glue on the curtain wall is not allowed to have deviation, because when there is a deviation, it will have a certain impact on the overall structure of the curtain wall, so it should be implemented in strict accordance with the design requirements. Wuxi Dingyuan Curtain Wall Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd., as a professional curtain wall glue replacement company, has summarized the following curtain wall glue and glue replacement processes based on years of experience and lessons. 1. Investigation of the building environment to achieve the effect of bamboo on the chest. The curtain wall is composed of a structural frame and panels, and is not subject to the load and action of the main structure. 2. Customize the exterior wall sealant that matches the formal manufacturer and exterior wall materials. 3. The compatibility and adhesion test of the purchased exterior wall sealant and exterior wall materials were carried out. 4. Check the safety function of the high-altitude vehicle and the firmness of the roof anchor point. 5. Do a good job of ground protection, cover the ground in the construction area, and be responsible for it by a special person. 6. Clean the external wall aging sealant, use wallpaper knife and spatula to clean the cured sealant, do not use brute force to clean. The curtain wall of the building is composed of a supporting structure system and panels, which has a certain displacement capacity compared with the main structure, and does not share the external protective structure or decorative structure of the main structure. Half of the stone after cleaning has the possibility of not loosening, report and deal with it in time, sealant cleaning does not affect the use of later glue. 7. Use a brush and towel to clean up the dust and debris in the gap, and fill the foam stick. The stick should be full and dense, and the height should be moderate. 8. Paste the beauty paper tape, paste the beauty paper to the same width, horizontally and vertically. 9. Inject the sealant, the sealant should be sufficient, the density should not have bubbles, the glue gap radius should not be too large, the rubber line should be beautiful and firm, the door and window curtain wall is composed of panels and supporting structure systems (supporting devices and supporting systems), which are similar to the main structure It has a certain displacement or deformation capacity and does not bear the effect of the main structure. 10. Clean the American paper tape, carefully, do not touch the good sealant, clean my American paper tape, do not throw it away, so as not to stain it twice, and put it in a special garbage collection bag. 11. Use glue to complete the acceptance of the organization.
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