What are the preparations before aluminum profile processing and production

by:Zeyi     2021-06-14
Our preparatory work before production and processing is very important. The preparatory work can ensure the processing accuracy of aluminum profiles, reduce errors in installation, and facilitate the smooth completion of the project. What are the preparatory work for processing aluminum profiles? ?1. The aluminum processing workshop should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the workshop has a good production environment. 2. The machinery and equipment for aluminum processing should be checked regularly to ensure that the processing accuracy requirements of the aluminum profile are met. 3. Before the aluminum profile is blanked, the staff should Check the processing diagram carefully. 4. The aluminum profile must be re-inspected when entering the factory to check the factory certificate and origin certificate, and check the model. 5. Check whether the oxide film and powder spraying layer on the surface of the aluminum profile are intact, and whether there is any twisted, bent or deformed aluminum material, it should be calibrated before cutting.
How much does aluminum profile processing cost?
Customers who use a large number of industrial aluminum profiles have always been very concerned about the processing of industrial aluminum profile profiles. In fact, the price of industrial aluminum profiles is very transparent. Those who purchase industrial aluminum profiles for a long time know that the pricing model of industrial aluminum profiles is 'aluminum ingot price + processing fee'. The price of aluminum ingots in various regions of the country will not differ too much. The difference is mainly in the processing fee. Let’s take a look at how much aluminum processing fees cost? Three factors that affect aluminum processing fees: 1. Look at the difficulty The relative price will be higher if the cross-section is larger, the precision is high, and the processing procedure is more complicated. 2. It depends on the surface treatment of the finished product. There are spraying, electrophoresis, sandblasting, etc., and the price is different for different surfaces. 3. See industrial aluminum. For the packaging of finished profiles, such as cotton, film, plastic bag, shrink film, kraft paper, carton and other different packaging methods, the related costs are also different. The factors that affect the processing cost of industrial aluminum profile profiles are roughly the above three points, but you need to pay attention However, when purchasing industrial aluminum profiles, the processing cost of aluminum profiles is not as low as possible. More attention should be paid to the product quality of industrial aluminum profile profiles!
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