What are the preparations before industrial aluminum extrusion

by:Zeyi     2021-08-05
profiles are extruded through molds and extrusion cylinders, which everyone knows. But before extrusion, what work should the aluminum extrusion production line prepare? To understand these, I believe that everyone will know more about the applications of industrial aluminum extrusion profiles that we use daily. The components of the industrial aluminum extrusion production line are extrusion cylinders, extrusion gaskets and extrusion shafts. Therefore, the preparation work for the production line of extruded aluminum profile is also the same. Among them, the debugging of the extrusion shaft and the extrusion cylinder is the most important. The preparation work before the extrusion of industrial aluminum profile mainly includes the following three parts: 1. Adjust the extrusion shaft of the industrial aluminum profile profile extruder. The maximum allowable deviation between the extrusion shaft of industrial aluminum profile and the center of the extrusion cylinder is ≤0.2mm, and the shaft length of the extrusion axis of aluminum profile should be 15~25mm longer than the length of the extrusion cylinder. 2. Control the maximum allowable center deviation of the industrial aluminum profile die extrusion shaft, extrusion cylinder, die, and feeding manipulator <1.5mm, generally within 12mm. The center deviation is too small, and the equipment is difficult to adjust and control. The center deviation is too large. 3. Adjust the extrusion cylinder of industrial aluminum profile. Due to constant friction during the extrusion process, the lining of the extrusion cylinder will gradually increase the working part of the lining of the extrusion cylinder, which will cause a certain deviation from the diameter of the non-working part. When the deviation is large, the lining of the extrusion cylinder needs to be replaced. The above is an introduction to ' Profile Extrusion'. If you have any questions, you are welcome to consult, Metal, 16 years of experience in industrial aluminum profile processing and customization!
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