What are the principles of industrial aluminum frame design

by:Zeyi     2021-07-29
profiles can be made into non-standard equipment frames, robot safety fences, equipment hoods, chassis cabinets, etc., because of their simple construction, good flexibility, light weight and heavy load-bearing. Then these industrial aluminum profile profile frames need to be designed. What are the principles to be followed? Let me explain to you. One is the ergonomic design of the cart. With the continuous progress of society, people are demanding more and more products, which puts forward high requirements on product design. Similarly, the aluminum profile should be ergonomically designed, including length, height, and width, to achieve the optimal configuration of people, products, and the environment, so that it will not be laborious to use. Second, the structure of aluminum profile products is important. This requires the use of suitable aluminum profiles to make them, so that they can be used for a long time, are strong and stable, and will not shake. The third is to have a beautiful appearance. A beautiful product can make people pleasing to the eye and work easily and happily. When designing industrial aluminum profile profiles, attention should be paid to both practicality and aesthetics. profiles have many colors to choose from, silver white, black, champagne, imitation steel and so on. The above is the whole content. If you don't understand anything, please come to consult. Aluminum profile manufacturers for more than 15 years have provided design solutions. Welcome to consult.
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