What are the processes for customizing an aluminum profile

by:Zeyi     2021-09-05
Now aluminum profiles have been widely used in our lives. There are many types of aluminum profiles on the market. General industrial aluminum profile profiles can meet the needs of consumers. When companies develop some new products, general aluminum profiles It cannot be satisfied. At this time, we need to find some processing factories to customize the mold. What is the process of customizing an aluminum profile? 1. Design product samples, we can send our own needs or sample drawings to aluminum Processing plants, processing plants will make a quotation based on the sample drawing and the size of the section. The quotation is generally divided into mold opening fee and material fee. If deep processing is required, there will be processing fee. If you feel that the quotation is within your acceptable range, you can open the mold. 2. A sample will be processed according to the drawings for the trial mold and processing product. After the mold is opened, we'd better see whether the quality, size, thickness, etc. of the trial mold sample meet our needs, and how the sample meets our requirements, we will proceed with the order Mass production. 3. A deposit is required for mass production: a certain deposit must be paid to the processing plant before mass production. If the aluminum products produced do not require further processing, the aluminum products can be packaged and sent to the logistics, and the remaining balance will be paid after the arrival of the goods. The money is fine. 4. Deep processing: If the produced aluminum needs to be processed, first determine the deep processing drawings, and after confirming the drawings, you can perform deep processing of aluminum profiles in batches, such as punching, cutting, tapping, etc. The above is the step-by-step process of customizing industrial aluminum profile profiles. If you need to customize open-molded aluminum profiles, you can consult the editor!
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