What are the processes of custom industrial step climbing ladders

by:Zeyi     2021-09-04
Industrial step climbing is generally used in production workshops, where factory workers perform picking operations. General industrial step ladders need to be customized. How to customize an industrial step ladder? What are the processes? 1. Drawing drawings, because industrial step ladders involve production safety issues, so we must look for a processing factory Note that we can find a brand processing factory for design and processing according to the usage scenarios and production requirements of the product. 2. Quotation Generally, after drawing the drawings, the aluminum.com/products.html' target='_blank'>aluminum profile processing plant will make a quotation for the product. The quotation generally includes the aluminum material fee and the processing fee. The demander can decide whether to accept it according to the acceptable price range. 3. Processing After drawing the sample, it needs to be produced. Industrial step ladders generally choose 40 series aluminum profiles, and then match them with aluminum profile connectors to quickly assemble them. 4. Logistics and transportation After processing, the products will be packaged and then sent to logistics for transportation. Customers only need to check and accept the goods. The above is the process of custom industrial step climbing ladder. If you need to customize industrial step climbing ladder, please consult the editor.
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