What are the processing methods of industrial aluminum profiles?

by:Zeyi     2021-11-27
Working process and precautions of aluminum extruder 1. Working process of aluminum extrusion machine 1. Check whether the oil pressure system is leaking and the air pressure is normal. 2. Check whether the conveyor belt, cooling bed, and storage table are damaged or scratched. three. Before drawing, the length of the aluminum profile should be confirmed. In the predetermined drawing rate, that is, the moving position of the main chuck, the drawing rate of 6063t5 is generally 0.5%-1%, and the drawing rate of 6061T6 is 0.8%-1.5%. four. Determine the clamping method according to the shape of the aluminum profile. The large section hollow profile can be inserted into the tensile pad, but it should try to ensure sufficient clamping area. 5 pcs. When the aluminum profile is cooled to below 50 degrees, the profile can be stretched. 6. When the profile is bent and twisted, the twist must be corrected first, and then stretched. Number 7. Perform a tensile test on the first and second heels to determine whether the predetermined extension rate and clamping method are appropriate. Visually bend, twist, and check the plane gap, flaring and parallel opening of the profile. If it is not suitable, adjust the stretching rate appropriately. 8. When the normal stretching rate still cannot eliminate the bending, twisting, or the geometric dimensions are qualified, the operator should be notified to stop the extrusion. No.9. The profiles on the cooling platform must not rub, collide, or overlap each other to prevent scratches. 2. Precautions for aluminum extrusion die 1. The section of aluminum profile itself is ever-changing, and the aluminum extrusion industry has developed to this day, aluminum alloy, aluminum profile itself also has important advantages such as ever-changing, clean organism, and good strength. At present, many industries use aluminum to replace raw materials. Due to the special cross-section of some profiles, it is difficult to design and manufacture molds. If the conventional extrusion method is still difficult to reach the rated output of the mold, a special process must be used to strictly control the production process parameters in order to produce normally 2. Choose a suitable extruder for production. Before extrusion production, the section size of the profile should be determined according to the complexity of the profile section, the wall thickness and the extrusion coefficient. three. Reasonably select the steel ingot and heating temperature, homogenize the steel ingot, and strictly control the alloy composition of the extruded steel ingot. The enterprise requires the grain size of the steel ingot to reach the first-class standard in order to improve the plasticity and reduce the anisotropy. When there is gas, holes, loose structure or central crack in the steel ingot, the sudden release of gas during the extrusion process is similar to 'shotMake a big impact. four. Optimize the extrusion process to extend the life of the mold. In extrusion production, reasonable measures must be taken to ensure the structure and performance of the mold, and an appropriate extrusion speed must be adopted. In the extrusion process, the extrusion speed should generally be controlled below 25mm/s. When the extrusion speed is too fast, it will cause uneven metal flow, resulting in accelerated wear of the die belt, and the reasonable selection of the extrusion temperature is caused by The heating temperature of the mold, the temperature of the ingot tube and the temperature of the aluminum rod are determined. The low temperature of the aluminum rod can easily lead to an increase in extrusion pressure or car blockage. The mold is prone to local micro-elastic deformation or cracks at the stress concentration position, which causes the mold to be scrapped early. When the temperature of the aluminum rod is too high, the metal structure will soften when the mold collapses under high pressure, and the uneven heating temperature of the steel ingot will reach 460~520℃. The reasonable heating temperature of the homogeneous steel ingot is 430~480°C. When the temperature of the aluminum rod is too high, the metal structure will soften, and even the mold will be blocked on the surface of the mold working area (when the mold collapses under high pressure). 5. In the initial stage of use of the extrusion die, reasonable surface nitriding treatment must be carried out on it. It should be noted that the surface nitriding cannot be completed at one time, and repeated nitriding treatments must be performed 3-4 times during the service period of the mold. Generally, the thickness of the nitriding layer is required to be about 0. The cavity of the 15 mm mold should be cleaned without residual alkali slag or foreign particles. Under normal circumstances, the number of nitriding of the mold should not exceed 4-5 times. It should be noted that the nitriding time should not be too frequent, otherwise the working area is easy to stratify.
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