What are the processing services of aluminum profile manufacturers

by:Zeyi     2021-05-25
Under the influence of the concept of environmental protection and intelligence, the demand for industrial aluminum profiles in all walks of life is increasing. In order to adapt to the development of the market, various industrial aluminum profile manufacturers are striving for quality, price comparison, and optimization of services. The profile manufacturer has a complete set of detailed processing services. Let me introduce to you what processing services are available for general aluminum profile manufacturers? 1. profile open die extrusion aluminum profile is the basic business of aluminum profile manufacturers, and the basic raw material for all industrial aluminum profile applications is extruded aluminum. Profiles. At the same time, industrial aluminum profile manufacturers generally have customized mold opening services and can be cut, punched, and tapped (deep processing). 2. Aluminum profile finishing. Common methods of aluminum profile processing are: milling, cutting, punching, tapping Wire, stamping, etc., in addition to drilling, milling, punching, etc., the processing equipment required is CNC machine tools, etc. These processing techniques are applied to aluminum profiles mainly for assembly into industrial aluminum profile profiles. 3. The aluminum profile frame is assembled and connected by industrial aluminum profile and aluminum profile special accessories. We also call it aluminum profile frame. Common aluminum frames include multiple types of multi-functional workbenches, industrial equipment protective fences, equipment protective covers, Clean room, production line supports, cabinets and some automation equipment supports, hoods, conveyor lines, welding rooms, etc. Here is a brief introduction to 'What processing services are available for aluminum profile manufacturers'. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult!
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