What are the reasons for the brittleness of industrial aluminum?

by:Zeyi     2021-11-20
The embrittlement of industrial aluminum has always been a factor that plagues some profile companies' abnormal management. The embrittlement of industrial aluminum profile more or less affects the market share and user reputation of these profile companies, depending on the appearance or marking level of the door and window assembly plant to varying degrees. materials are classified according to application areas. refers to all aluminum profiles except for building doors and windows, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decoration and building structures. The brittleness of the profile is basically fully reflected in the physical and mechanical functions of the product. Its important feature is the collapse and cold shock cracking during the blanking process. The reasons for the poor physical and mechanical properties of the profile are as follows: 1. Unfair formula and Mixing process 1. Too much packaging 2. Increase the type and quantity of impact modifiers 3. Too many or too few fasteners 4. Too much external lubricant 5. The sequence of thermal mixing, temperature setting and curing Time also has a decisive influence on the effect of the profile. 2. Unfair extrusion process 1. Medium or insufficient plasticization of the material 2. Insufficient head pressure 3. Low molecular components in the product are not discharged. 4. Screw torque is too low 3. Unfair mold design 1. Unfair mold cross-section design, especially the dispersion of internal reinforcement and the treatment of interface angles, which will lead to the existence of stress concentration scenarios. It is necessary to improve the design and eliminate Right angles and acute angles of the interface. 2. Insufficient die pressure, industrial aluminum profile materials are divided by application areas. profiles refer to all aluminum profiles except for architectural doors and windows, curtain walls, interior and exterior decoration, and architectural structures. The die pressure is directly determined by the tightening ratio of the mold. It is determined by the length of the straight section of the mold. On the one hand, the change of mold pressure may adjust the flow resistance by changing the length of the straight section of the mold; on the other hand, different tightening ratios can be selected in the mold design stage to change the extrusion pressure. The tightening ratio of the exit screw is compatible; the melt pressure can also be changed by changing the formula, adjusting the extrusion process parameters and adding a perforated plate. 3. The function landing problem caused by the poor convergence of the shunt ribs should be appropriately increased by increasing the tendon and the nominal The length of the tendon is at the intersection of the tendon and tendon, or it can be solved by increasing the tightening rate. profiles are divided by application areas. profiles refer to all aluminum profiles except for building doors and windows, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decoration and building structures. 4. The outlet of the mold is uneven, resulting in inconsistent wall thickness and thickness of the profile, or inconsistent compaction. This also caused the difference in the mechanical functions of the two sides of the profile. Sometimes we would have a cold shock, but it also proved this. For non-standard profiles, such as thin walls, there is no more discussion here. 5. The cooling rate of the crystallizer. The temperature of the cooling water is often not enough to create enough weight. The role of the cooling water is to cool and set the macromolecular chain drawn by the profile in time to achieve the purpose of utilization.
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