What are the reasons for the corrosion of industrial aluminum?

by:Zeyi     2021-05-06
After the processing of industrial aluminum is completed, it is often stored in a warehouse or a certain place, but during the storage process, industrial aluminum is corroded, which is a common defect. Such a situation often occurs. We will It is found that the surface of industrial aluminum is corroded, and there will be different degrees and various irregular and disordered spots. Today, the editor is here to share with you what are the reasons for the corrosion of industrial aluminum? The most common cause of corrosion of our industrial aluminum is atmospheric corrosion. Aluminum is a lively metal substance. After anodizing, an anodic oxide film will appear on the surface of industrial aluminum, which can be completely separated from external oxygen. Oxidation and corrosion, but the anodic oxide film will undergo a chemical reaction when it comes into contact with acidic and alkaline substances. Once the oxide film is destroyed, the surface of industrial aluminum will corrode. Another point is that when industrial aluminum profile materials are stored, there are no gaps between the industrial aluminum materials, and they are directly close together. After aging, large white spots will appear in the part that the industrial aluminum materials contact. If you want to solve this problem, industrial aluminum profile materials When aging, preheat the profile first, and then after ventilating and exhausting, do not finish aging at one time.
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