What are the reasons for the price difference of broken aluminum doors and windows?

by:Zeyi     2021-11-10
What are the different reasons for the aluminum doors and windows of the broken bridge? Spread 1: The wider the aluminum, the better. If the profile in the middle of the nylon bridge becomes wider, the stability of aluminum will be worse than that of the aluminum on the left, especially for families living on the upper floors. After all, the cost of nylon broken bridges and aluminum does exist. In addition, some insulating glass was added by increasing the length of the nylon broken bridge. The glass on the left may be 5/12/5, and the glass on the right is 5/15/5. Without reducing the aluminum, the aluminum may be deformed if it bears the weight of the increased glass for a long time. Price difference 2: The glass sealant is a very important insulating glass used to seal the balcony. No matter whether the sealing performance is strong or not, it can be distinguished by the sealant. The glass in the picture below is very tightly wrapped with butyl glue, and if it is the appearance of a dog bite, then a good sealant will be more uniform. Price difference 3: Glass thickness. Counterfeit glass thickness is also one of the price factors. Some businesses cut corners, obviously 5x12x5 glass, but using 4.3mm glass instead of 5mm glass, the cost of this thing alone is 50 yuan/square meter. Price difference 4: The hardware is cheap. It is recommended that you do not buy it to make a set of broken bridge aluminum. A lot of hardware accessories are needed, especially for windows, which have handles and two scratches. Many people are considering the price of pressing hardware accessories and know the hardware. Although it is not eye-catching, it is used every day to save money and only buy cheap goods. Inferior hardware usually only has a life span of 2-3 years. If you want to use it for 10 years or buy a famous accessory from a big brand, you cannot save money on hardware. Price difference 5: There seems to be no difference between the quality of the sealing strip and the same sealing tape, but the price is very different. Choose a sealing strip, not too soft, easy to rot, a good sealing strip has toughness and will not absorb water. Price difference six: Choose a good foam hair window that does not leak water, which has a lot to do with construction technology and filling materials. Some windows use inferior foam hair, which may not leak that year. Long-term foam hair aging and cracking will cause leakage. Good foam hair will not be pressed down or broken, and the price difference of foam hair will be about 20 yuan/square meter. Price difference 7: After-sales installation service After buying the bridge aluminum doors and windows, there are generally good installation services and after-sales protection. We can also choose the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows based on the brand response, the boss's service attitude and the degree of after-sales service. After all, the purchase of doors and windows is not the last step to close the balcony. In fact, although the price of broken bridge aluminum in the market varies greatly, as long as we grasp a few key points when choosing and buying, we can avoid getting into trouble.
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