What are the reasons for the shrinkage of aluminum profile extrusion process?

by:Zeyi     2021-07-05
Shrinkage is a unique waste product in the extrusion production process of aluminum alloy profiles. It is divided into hollow tail and ring tail. The hollow tail shrinkage is due to the oil stains on the extruded gasket and too little extrusion residue, resulting in a serious shortage of metal supply and other reasons. The hollow funnel-shaped shrinking tail is formed; the annular shrinking tail is mainly due to the end of the aluminum extrusion process. , The insufficient supply of metal in the deformation zone forces the metal to produce lateral turbulence along the periphery of the extruded gasket, and the cold side and side surface of the metal, which is contaminated with oil, is drawn back into the product. The ring-shaped tail is generally On the cross section of the end of the product, it is mostly continuous or discontinuous ring shape:   Main measures to prevent tail shrinkage:   1. Reduce the temperature difference between the aluminum ingot and the tool, or use low-temperature extrusion.  2. Ensure that the surface of the ingot is clean and heated evenly.   3. It is forbidden to apply oil on the squeeze pad or wipe the squeeze pad with oil cloth.  4. Improve the surface finish of the mold and the extrusion cylinder, and clean the extrusion cylinder in time.   5. Reduce the extrusion speed when the extrusion process is about to end.   6. Adopt lubricating extrusion and reverse extrusion.  7. Leave the residual material and cut the tail as required, or increase the thickness of the residual material appropriately.
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