What are the reasons for the yellowing of industrial aluminum

by:Zeyi     2021-08-30
profiles are often used for a long time, and the surface of aluminum materials will turn yellow, which affects the appearance of aluminum materials to a large extent. Why do industrial aluminum profiles turn yellow? There may be several reasons as follows. The industrial aluminum profile is not in full contact with the conductive rod during processing, which increases the resistance, reduces the time for the oxide film to form, causes the oxide film to pulverize, and causes the surface of the industrial aluminum to turn yellow. materials are not cleaned before electrophoresis. Incomplete cleaning will cause the acid radicals in the oxide film holes to react with the electrophoretic paint to cause yellowing of the electrophoretic paint film, resulting in yellowing of the surface of the aluminum material. In order to remove ash during aluminum processing, nitric acid is added. After the aluminum is cleaned, some of the nitric acid may be brought into the oxidation tank, affecting the oxidation of the aluminum surface, and causing the surface of the aluminum to become black. We can add a neutralizer and adjust the PH value. The above are several reasons for the yellowing of aluminum profiles.
5 factors that cause the surface roughness of industrial aluminum profile profiles
As the saying goes, 'good goods do not have low prices, low prices do not have good goods'. If you are greedy for cheap prices and buy industrial aluminum profile profiles, then you have to think about its quality. Generally, the color of cheap aluminum profiles It is relatively dull, the surface of the aluminum material is not smooth, and the surface will have different degrees of defects. What are the reasons for the defects of this shoe? 1. When producing aluminum profiles, the proportion of raw materials added is uneven. 2. To reduce production costs Add a large amount of scrap aluminum to the raw materials. 3. If the copper content in the bath is too high, a layer of metallic copper will be formed on the surface of the profile produced, which will cause the color to be dull. 4. During the production, the acid content of the bath is too high. The aluminum material was not taken out in time, and the surface of the aluminum material was subjected to acid corrosion for a long time. 5. Workers' improper operation caused the aluminum profile to deform during the production process. The above 5 points are the reasons why the surface of the aluminum material is rough. The processing plants are strictly controlled in the process of producing profiles, and the materials are passed quality inspections when they leave the factory.
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